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The first comprehensive practice management solution that integrates across the outsourcing boundaries.

Remedi is offered as a hosted service. The BSP is always in control of what information needs to be made available to the practice to access online and whether the practice can only read the information or can also update some information. The BSP defines all parameters for access control.

The practices and the BSP will be free from having to maintain any hardware or software. Their responsibility is to ensure connectivity to the Internet.

Ecognize will host and manage the hardware and the network on behalf of the practices and the billing service providers.

Ecognize will take responsibility for backing up the data and recovery. The data backups will be maintained offsite and can be optionally provided to the BSP or the practice. No one at Ecognize will be able to access the data, since they are encrypted and secured.

The cost of hosting and maintenance of the hardware will be charged to the BSP. The BSP is free to pass on a portion or all of this charge to the practice as determined by the BSP.

Remedi is priced for your success

Remedi is priced very competitively keeping in mind the need to reduce upfront expenses for small and medium sized billing service providers. We ensure that the pricing model provides all the necessary incentives for the BSP to ensure a successful long-term usage of the platform.

Scheduling and Billing components of Remedi PM are priced independently for billing service providers (BSP).

  • Improve data consistency with your clients. Avoid wrong claims due to missed communications between practice and BSP and improve risk management.
  • Improve revenue predictability and accelerate reimbursement and cash flow with reduced errors in the billing process.
  • Help your clients increase visibility into the whole process cycles. Gain real-time knowledge of the status of the practice or the hospital in terms of the patient flow as well as revenue.
  • All appointments are tracked till they are billed and reimbursed or paid.
  • Billing personnel at the BSP and clinical personnel at the practice have a direct communication channel established for error free documentation of the patient chart.
  • BSP can provide timely and immediate feedback on reimbursement trends for specific CPT codes.
  • Practice can view real-time status of outsourced billing and accounting for effective decision-making and improved administrative efficiency.