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Technology Strategy Consulting

Our value proposition includes innovative risk sharing business models and deep understanding of current and emerging technologies and business value. Our key differentiation is our ability to develop a technology strategy, deliver it within budget and timelines via a tactical execution, and be accountable for the execution ROI. We achieve this by leveraging:

  • our extensive experience in the development of transformational technology strategy and architectures for Fortune 2000 companies.
  • published expertise in various technology areas that help in developing a sound strategy.
  • practical experience in implementing multi-million dollar solutions for different vertical industries - Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Education, Telecommunications, Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Aerospace.
  • key partnerships with off-shore development centers that drive down our implementation costs.

Our technology expertise includes service oriented architectures, business process management/integration, intelligent agents, customer relationship management, knowledge management, portals, e-Learning, and Grid computing.

Remedi Consulting Services

  • Business Process Consulting: Helps determine your transformational business components and recommend cost reduction, innovation, and revenue/profit acceleration strategies.
  • Data Migration: Rapid estimation and migration of your existing data to the Remedi product data model.
  • Product Customization: Customize the Remedi practice management including scheduling, billing, and patient management and EMR products.