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Simplify your technology implementations and improve cost predictability of your IT investments.

Let the Remedi platform track all your patient visits and help you in comprehensive billing. Leverage a unique opportunity to reduce your total cost of owning a scheduling and billing system.

Solo practices are increasingly coming under expense pressures due to increased automation of certain key front-office and back-office capalities. Such automation is driven both by longer term cost efficiencies, predictability of cash flow, regulatory needs, and improved risk management at the point of care. Some by-products of such automation are the delivery of higher qualty of care and the ability to identify and track hetherto unknown revenue opportunities.

Remedi's portal based technologies provide the next generation platform for enabling any practice, irrespective of its size, with the same level of capabilities to be integrated into the healthcare value network.

Ecognize delivers Remedi to solo practices in the form of a hosted application service. The practice pays Ecognize a fee for usage of the service based on a lease agreement with many different options for the term of the lease. Customers can even opt for month-to-month plan with no requirement for a contractual lease.

We offer additional value added services to put your practice on the online map for healthcare. Such services include, practice specific websites, email alerts to all the patients regarding their schedules, online practice status reports for the practice administrators and owners. The service also provides anytime, anywhere access to the whole system.